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Various stakeholders have need for career training that delivers a technically qualified workforce.

Owens Community Outreach offers eligible, low-income families the ability to craft a better future leveraging technology as a gateway for their most precious resources: youth and their parents.

Our technology gateway enables you to develop as well as optimize career choices resulting in reducing dependence on government assistance while strengthening financial freedom.

Classmates in Library


Youth in Rural Communities are Important Too!

We do this with interpersonal development, business leadership skills and technology certification, a tech-forward, best-in-class route that improves your employability.

Altogether, this is your path to pursuing the greatest possibilities for career choice, technical development and financial empowerment

The Student

Do I Need A Degree?

Owens Community Outreach is the choice for the “get-it-done” youth to increase their career options and who take the “hybrid-approach” seriously: the thinkers, the problem solvers. This is career empowerment made easy—proven, reliable technical tracks you need to build your future with confidence and build your credibility while doing it.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 25% of IT workers in the United States do not hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. In 2017, job postings for core IT positions in the United States that did not cite a bachelor’s degree or higher requirement paid $83,000 per year on average.

Doing Homework

The Parent

We Hear You!

I’m on the front lines every day, enduring the hardships of low wage jobs and government assistance. I need to make sure that my children have a means to do better, to have a better future, financially empowered to live and not depend on manual labor jobs and assistance from Federal programs.

We Hear You! Our career tracks do not have an age limit. Parents can join their child in the process to leverage the integration of business fundamentals, technical certifications and scholarship opportunity doubling the tangible

School Teacher

School Admin/Career Counselor

Why OCO?

”We need to be aware of the disparity between schools in low-income and wealthy areas as much as possible. We need to look for additional resources that could be helpful for students to explore a career and post-secondary opportunities.” - Ten of the Biggest Challenges High School Counselors Face

Why OCO - We focus on low income families to infuse excitement for students who have limited avenues to college yet have a desire to develop a technology career.

City Business Meeting

IT/ Business Leader

Problem Solved!

I must be an enabler of the business, not an obstacle. I’m the one on the hot seat when we can’t perform. I need certified candidates who are easy to assign projects, work effectively and delivers results without breaking our environment while ensuring business continuity.

Problem Solved! OCO offers professional certifications from one of IT top trade associations. Our partnerships allow our applicants to benefit from internships and professional career workshops. This makes viable candidates easy to find, technically ready and enabled to deliver results.

 There are more technology jobs than people who are qualified to fill them, according to Business Insider.



Career Choice


Technical Certifications


Professional Development

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